Manhunt is the story of Buck Severs, a world champion wrestler that has been down on his luck for the past three years. After a family tragedy and a major injury in the ring, Buck decides to return to “Bro’s Weekend” with his three best friends and try to get some perspective on his life. Buck learns a little too late that this year’s weekend is taking place on a Wildlife Preserve that has been closed for forty years. It is a densely forested no-man’s land with no laws, no rangers and no rules.

To make things even worse for Buck, he discovers that a wild man lives on the preserve, a feral and inbred killer whose one pleasure is to hunt the humans that dare to trespass onto his domain. It will be up to Buck to find the fighter within himself if he wants to survive the weekend and if he can win the ultimate wrestler versus psycho killer mountain man match – winner takes all.


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